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Are you looking for extreme teeth whitening results?

Extreme teeth whitening

If you are searching for extreme teeth whitening results, professional in-office teeth whitening by a dentist, hygienist or whitening technicians (at a Smile bar) will usually give you fast and extreme teeth whitening results. Most home whitening products are gradual whiteners, which would require you to whiten for 7-14 days in a row to yield noticeable results.

Now, you can get professional level results at home with Mint Smile Bar’s Power Whitening Kit. One session with The Power Whitening kit is equivalent to you whitening with strips for 7 days in a row. The Power Whitening Kit contains the highest peroxide percentage allowable for cosmetic teeth whitening kits and it comes with a high power LED mouth tray with 16 lights (3x more powerful than most LED whitening trays).

extreme teeth whitening
extreme teeth whitening