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We heard you. You want white teeth and you want it right NOW, not 7-14 days from now! Mint Smilebar’s Power Whitening Kit is an instant LED teeth whitening kit that is 7x faster than strips and most leading whitening kits. One session with the Power Whitening Kit is equivalent to you whitening with strips for 7 days in a row. Concerned about sensitivity? No sweat! This vegan teeth whitening kit contains a desensitizing agent that alleviates sensitivity, making it the best whitening system for sensitive teeth! Most of our customers do not feel any discomfort and get to their brightest white in just 1 session. 

What’s in the kit:

1 x High power LED mouth tray with 16 lights (3x more efficient than most whitening tray light

2 x High quality whitening pens: Vegan, Cruelty Free, Non GMO, Gluten Free and specially formulated to cause zero to minimal sensitivity

1 x control pod/timer UV Sterilizer so you can disinfect your mouth tray

Mint Smilebar Power Whitening Kit




We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Head on over to our Results Guaranteed page for details!


The Power Whitening Kit is backed by a 2 year warranty. We will replace your kit free of charge in the event the device exhibits materials or workmanship defects caused by the manufacturer. 



As on online entrepreneur it’s literally my job to show up online and smile. But it’s a total catch 22 because being a blogger and influencer requires lots of coffee, and sometimes lots of red wine to get all my work done. And that my friends is no bueno for your teeth, let me tell ya! So I was super excited to receive this PowerWhitening Kit from @mintsmilebar!This kit was seriously like a professional whitening experience in the comfort of my own home! In just one 30 minute session I got the same results it would’ve taken me to get with a week of white strips! Another awesome thing that makes it different from other whitening products is that there was zero sensitivity to my teeth! In other words this kit was tough on my coffee stains but super gentle on my teeth and gums! #winning I am very happy with my results and you will be too! Go check out @mintsmilebaronline and order your kit like right now!


It’s busy being a mom and finding time for myself has been tough. I used to sit in the dental office for hours getting my teeth bleached and since I’ve stoppedI’ve noticed some staining so I had to do something about it. I found @mintsmilebaronline and started using their home power whitening kit. It didn’t make my teeth or gums sensitive and it is SO fast and easy to use! I’m loving the results.


Can we talk about teeth I’ve always been super self-conscious about my teeth - they were always a little crooked and despite braces in middle school they have kind of reverted back #wearyourretainer but one thing that I have been able to do is use @mintsmilebaronline to brighten them!Let’s be honest - whitening strips area hassle. Going to the dentist for a whitening treatment isn’t happening because #threeunderthree - but luckily I’ve been able to use this Home Power Whitening Kit and one treatment is the equivalent of a week of whitening strips! Thanks @mintsmilebar for keeping my pearly whites pearly white!


I’ve mentioned before how having babies has effected the colour & strength of my teeth. I felt like with each birth my teeth got a little more yellow and they also got more sensitive so I gave up on whitening them a couple times after different kits caused sensitivity or even bleeding. But I’ve started using the @mintsmilebar home power whitening kit. It didn’t make my teeth or gums sensitive, yay! It is a Canadian company; vegan, cruelty free, non gmo and David actually said “Wow!” when he looked at my teeth after my first session. If you’re local to Vancouver you can visit their new office for a power whitening or you can shop kits online.


I whitened my teeth for the first time and I LOVED IT!!!! I always wanted to try whitening my teeth, but I was nervous about the teeth sensitivity side effects, or doing a series of sessions in the dentist’s chair. Well I found the solution. This is the @MintSmileBarOnline Home Power Whitening Kit! You can get a white smile, without leaving your house. It performs like a professional in-office whitening treatment, and it only takes 30-60mins! You actually see results it would take 7 home whitening sessions to achieve in just ONE session!!! The best part is it’s ZERO to NO sensitivity (and in my case there was NO sensitivity) I love my results and can’t stop smiling!


I’m not a coffee drinker but I’m a soda fan and I’ve gotta share my favorite Home Power Whitening Kit @mintsmilebaronline that helps keep my teeth pearly white. One session using this is the same as 7 days at home with the regular kits. And this gives me ZERO sensitivity! My hubby tried this because his teeth are incredibly sensitive and he felt zero sensitivity too!